Beastly Outrageous Nora Grunts (BONG)

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Beastly Outrageous Nora Grunts (BONG)

Welcome BONG Members!

Hey we are Beastly Outrageous Nora Grunts, A guild on Poxnora a turn-based strategy game on the computer. The goal of our guild is to create a giant family of people poxing together veteran or noob we welcome any and all into our ranks so long as they are friendly. If you are a member and would like to hear the latest news, maybe post or check the forums, Or hear a little about the guild, then please feel free to browse the tabs and what not :D

Also to any new BONG members I definitely suggest checking the About Us tab it will tell all about some of the things our guild offers, as well as about ranking systems, etc.